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Writer's Block: Love is deaf

Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who had horrific taste in music? How important is it to you to share your love of music with a good friend or romantic partner?

How ironic. I just talked about this with someone. Music to me is EVERYTHING therefore its kinda important to share similar taste in it with the people around me. I cant go on roadtrips and sit in a car with someone whose going to be blaring horrible gangster rap and I doubt they wanna listen to bright eyes with me. I dont wanna go to shows alone either. Its not just the music tho thats important, its what the music is about that can tell you alot about a person.

Luckily, Yvette and I are on the same page. =]

Aug. 17th, 2009

I havent felt like updating this lately. Not much has gone on but at the same time alot has.

I have a job now. I work at the car dealership my sister works at from 4-9. Today is my first day and Im really scared. Im going to be a cashier and have to answer phones plus other random stuff. All of which I have zero experience in. All Ive ever done was clean cars and I hated dealing with some of the customers because they were so rude. I was just thinking about my old job yesterday and how even the ppl I worked with were assholes. From the very start they were all sexist jerks. I remember in training the guy kept making me stand there and watch the guys try and wouldnt give me a chance, then told the ppl in charge that I suck at it. And Nikki and I would always have to do everything while the guys got to stand around and talk and if we even tried talking to each other we would get yelled at. Man do I not miss that job. Im kinda excited about the one I got now tho cuz I can tell it will not be like that. Everyone seemed really nice when I went for the interview Friday and there were plenty of girls. Im sure all with go well, I just cant help being scared.

Aside from that Im pretty angry with the world lately. Like way more than usual. Its disgusting how horrible people are. I think everyone needs to watch "Pay It Forward".

Oh and Watchmen fucking sucked. And Camilla Bell or w.e. her name is looks like she can be Joe Jonas' twin sister. gross.
Hello. Long time no update. Nothing much going on, just a few random little things.

My sisters job is hiring and she told her boss to hire me. Im kinda mad that its from 4 to 9 three days a week and some Saturdays but I need a job. All I got to say is that if this interferes with Monsters of Folk or my birthday... theres going to be hell to pay! I should have to rearrange my schedule and miss out on life, Im not the one who had a baby.

I was gonna get that tattoo with Yvette sometimes after this weekend but I dont have enough money. Rickys birthday is coming up and my mom made me give her present money today. Plus I was thinking, I kinda wanna add shading to it so it can have kinda a brown tint to it. Idk, that idea just came up last night. This is why I cant have major changes in my life. I put way to much thought into everything, which I guess is a good thing.

I came to the conclusion that Im never going to be at peace with the whole friendship thing. Theres always going to be someone I question. Wish it wasnt so but it is. I just dont get why its so hard to just be who you really are. Im really happy with the people I surround myself with tho.

Ashley, Ria, and I are starting a "band". Its going to be very, Millionaires. I think we are calling ourselves the Billionaires? I gotta check on that. Also even tho Ria and Ashley do actually play instruments... we are not bringing any instrumental skills to the table. Nor are we actually writing our own lyrics.


Im actually really disgusted with music these days. Honestly, I just wanna like monopolize the music industry and make it awesome. Not gonna happen. The people who like the crap are just as bad. I really liked some random kids idea on absolutepunk. They said someone should run up on stage and steal the mic from one of the lip singing bands. How funny would that be?! If only I had the balls... and a ticket.
I officially have nothing to look forward to this summer. I mean yeah theres Fireworks and possibly Warped Tour but to be quite honest, theres no way that can live up to CO&MVB or Brand New.

Last night was amazing by the way. It was really annoying though because the crowd was pretty much there to see Bright Eyes. Come on people, they are on their second album, you should know by now that this is totally something different from Bright Eyes. I just feel really bad cuz the rest of the band has to deal with that crap all the time and its not like they arent talented themselves. I think thats what makes their shows 10 times more amazing than anything else, they way they interact and play off each others vibe. Its breathtaking really.

Afterwards Yvette and I raced to see Harry Potter. I havent read any of the books, Im all about watching the movies. Im too lazy I guess, but Ill get around to it one day. Anyways, wow... way to make me cry. I was at the point where I wasnt holding back from crying, it was way to late for that, I had to hold back from completely breaking down and sobbing. Gahh! like really, REALLY?! you fucking bastard! Ugh! I knows its all fake but still!

Anyways, lets make plans. Im gonna be super bored. Not this weekend tho, Im going to visit Nikki. And not during the day cuz I babysit. And fyi, I do not know what time till. It varies and i dont find out until my mom actually walks through the door.
I'm super annoyed right now. I'm not saying the idea of aliens being out there is a lie. I totally agree, somethings gotta be out there. But if your job is to prove that, please be more convincing. I mean, if you got someone who believes saying your theories are stupid there's a problem. I just watched "ancient aliens" on the history channel and some of the stuff they said was just stupid. We aren't that unique, especially considering how many people there are. I know someone out there is probably sitting here writing about the same thing as me at this very second. To be shocked that two different places in the world made something that represented the alignment of the planets is stupid. So is saying that the west didn't even know the sun was the center yet. We may think we know everything but there's just so much history that could have been lost or un-documented that we can't say forsure. I'm just appalled that finding out something like that doesn't lead some people to think maybe their first theory was wrong, instead their first thought is aliens must have done it. Just like how some guy drew an accurate map of the world but "antarctica wasn't discovered yet" and a few other placed were explored for another 300 years. Maybe we are wrong. I don't know enough about all the stuff they talked about to say my ideas are right I'm just trying to say they make way more sense than automatically pinning it on aliens.
I haven't updated in a while. I think? Mostly cuz I have too much to say. I'm just gonna cut most of it tho cuz to be quite honest I don't think anyone cares anyway.

I'm very excited for the next 2 weeks. I don't want them to pass yet tho. Like with the last 2 week, I spent so much time anticipating and it ended so quickly. I hate the day after. For pretty much everything awesome that happens, the day after blows.

I use "tho" to much.

There's a possibility Ricky is gonna be the coolest kid in his kindergarden class this year. I might take him to the atl show Tuesday but I'm not sure yet. He's technically 5 and I've seen kids at shows before, I'd just feel weird standing there with him. I don't know, I really wanna go but that's the only way I can.

Btw, happy 4th of july everyone. Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite american pride songs.

I want to pledge allegiance to the country where I live
I don't want to be ashamed to be American
But opportunity no, it don't exist
It's the opiate of the populace
We need some harder shit now
The truth is getting around
And each public school is a halfway house
Where the huddled masses sober up and up enough There's not enough to fatten the cows
And feed all of us
It's just a rationing of luck
What can't be bought gets raffled off
Oh God good God shed greed on thee
Your shining sea turned a dirty green
From the industry off the shores of New Jersey
I got a letter from the army
So I think that I'll enlist
I'm not brave or proud of nothing
I just want to kill something
Too bad that now-a-days you just point and click Swing low satellite
Hot white chariot
In the computer's blue glare
The bombs burst in the air
There was a city once now nothing is there
Our freedom comes at their expense
It makes sense, does it? Dollars and cents
They're stretching barbed wire across the picket fence
That is surrounding your housing development
Just in case you lack the confidence
Oh God my God give strength to thee
These amber waves purple majesty
Are nothing but backdrops for Disney
We'll look up close
It is superimposed on a blank blue screen
It is fantasy fucking magical
The dreams floats like a chemical
Through each snapped synapse our television past That is beautiful no more no more

This worlds a piece of shit.
True facts.
Summerfest was a blast! Went to see Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band with Yvette and wow!

Honestly, they were beyond amazing. I know I say this alot but I think Im going to void all those other times Ive said this about different bands to emphasize how incredibly true it is. I know, it took me alot to say that. All those other bands are good and incredibly awesome but this, it was magic. Pure fucking magic.

Im so glad Yvette was there to see it with me. And the guys behind us, made "Ten Women" the song of the night.

I could spend the rest of eternity watching them play.

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Went to see Year One with Yvette yesterday. It was funny... at times. If Michael Cera wasn't in it tho, it would have sucked. I noticed that with a lot of his movies. Agree or not, I'm just saying, Superbad was stupid. The main guy is not funny, he's just really obnoxious and kinda an asshole. Nick and Norahs Infinitve Playlist was basically him being funny and some chick being annoying. Juno was funny so high five there. People should start giving him lead roles instead of supporting roles.
The funniest thing of the whole night had to be the previews tho. Beat the whole movie. So this Peter Jackson movie preview was on and it started with what looked to be a documentary about some random country in the middle east or something. It looked like it was gonna be meaningful and motivate the world into action and then a fucking alien pops out. The movie was called District 6 I believe. The funny part was when Yvette was like "Seriously?! I was ready to donate" right about then I pretty much died of laughter..
This weather has been quite shitty. Ive been waking up to what I think is us being attacked, not even kidding thats always my first thought, and its just thunder. Outrageous thunder. This past week has been going by fast but at the same time not fast enough. Im so ready for next Thursday. Ive decided Im gonna see The Mystic Valley band over Rise Against. Im just not into their new cd. Yvettes coming with me so Im super stoked!

I dig this:
Death is just a door, Blake said it first
It's just another room we enter
It's a threshold that hurts

Birth is just a chorus, death is just a verse
In the great song of spring that the mockingbirds sing
We come and we go, a-weeping and a-wailing
Our heads in the hands of the nurse

Well, put your head on my shoulder, baby, tell me where it hurts
You say you lost your one and only, could it get any worse?
I said, "Death is just a door, you'll be reunited on the other side"

                                   -M. Ward.